She often spoke of encounters with demons and evil spirits.

She was the Queen of the town. Everyone believed in her and her God-given powers. She was their pillar. The one everyone turned to for help and prayers. They felt that God listened to her more than them. She had a special gift, and they knew it. She was kind, she was loving, and she saw past evil.

It was a known fact that she had personal encounters with those who had passed, and she often predicted what the future held. …

Phewww...thankfully, I have Purple hair hahaha! My personal experiments have proven these these scientific studies to be incorrect at least in my experience. I found this quite humorous. Thank you. I applauded you for having the testicles to write it! Life is good and too short to bring down the efforts of others. Don't kill the messenger peope. Somehow he got 1,261 applauses for a horrinle article?! Not too shabby.

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Putting on my Zoom Camera” empowered me. I have been camera shy for as long as, I can recall. I was petrified when the option to add videos was added on social media platforms. There was no way in hell that I was posting videos for the world to see.

Oddly enough, I was one of the 1st people to jump on the Zoom bandwagon when it started. I sold health & wellness products and workouts were part of it. I recall joining and inviting friends to Zoom workouts for accountability but I was embarrassed to be seen working out…

Elizabeth Donato

I am a Certified Health Coach, Mentor, and Sales expert. I teach others how to embrace fearlessness, love who they are & learn to live their best life.

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